Responsible Trees® – a registered trademark

Julgransajten launches in the 2018 season the Responsible Trees – concept.

Main features:

A particularly well-founded declaration of the Christmas trees delivered with regard to Ethics, Environment and Traceability. It is featured on all labels on the trees in season 2018 onwards.

The declaration is based on data from each producer about origin and production of the trees, focusing on:

  1. Origin of seed and plant
  2. fertilization and weed control with information about products and technology used
  3. information about employment and working conditions in the company.

The quality and availability of the information from the producers checked by external auditor.

A targeted support for the development of production methods with minimal environmental impact and strong ethical values.

The target group:

The target group for the introduction of the Responsible Tree concept is the end customers. We must get the information across about our Christmas trees to the end customers. And it must be made available to them at the purchase as well as after they take their tree home.

Trustworthy products

In recent years there have been new, additional requirements for the products brought on the market – also in our area. The requirements come in the form of rules from the EU and / or the state. But they are increasingly coming from the buyers of the products, i.e. from ordinary consumers who buy a Christmas tree in a shop or in the town square.

The requirement is credible products through openness and transparency. More and more open and honest information about the product is requested, especially about what can be summarized as environmental impact and social responsibility, covering the whole production process from the seed till the Christmas tree in front of you.

Cooperation is the key

In order to meet these requirements, we have as the base for the Responsible Tree concept the request to each supplier to declare their activities of importance for understanding the environmental and socially responsible behavior regarding the production of the product we are providing. Below – and in Appendix 1 – we present the set of questions we ask our suppliers, and we request that they answer as accurate as possible.

We are a wholesaler company that strives at and focus on being good at providing the products our customers want and need to develop their business. In our company we give priority to close cooperation with our suppliers, whom we regard as our partners. We share the common interest in what we together do and respect, that each party must achieve satisfactory outcome through the partnership.

Initial challenges to be overcome

The beginning of things of this nature is difficult, and there will first year be some uncertainty as to how the declaration is done adequately and satisfactorily. These will be overcome, when the will and the dedication is there to the concept itself and the relevance of the whole endeavor. And we will evaluate these first experiences together with our suppliers and our customers and use them to improve and supplement the concept where needed.

How can customers and end consumers benefit Responsible trees®?

The consumer who has bought their tree and retrieved it can get information about the production of the tree from the declarations, that the manufacturer has filled and made available to Julgransajten.

Here, in the first phase of the implementation of RT®, the consumer sends an email to Julgransajten with the 6-digit number on the label that is on the tree included. Please, do include also the EAN code from the label as well. Then we respond quickly to the request for information.

Our customer can, if desired, use this method to get an example of the output from the system, so that they know, how it works and what kind of information to be expected. This can be helpful knowledge when talking to an end consumer in the store later.

Our customer can also ask us prior to delivery about information from the system at the level of the stand as a whole concerning the percentage of best trees marked or the general size and characteristics of the trees in a particular stand. And, of course, ask about the use of fertilizer and way of weed control used.

This information is similarly sought by sending an email to us with the request and we will respond as quickly as we can.

The data collection forms filled by our suppliers to provide the base for the declaration of the trees.

Annex 1: Production Data

The origin and main genetical characteristics of the seed and the plants, the trees are produced from. (the genetical Traceability of the tree)

Main production steps and priorities – which fertilizer and how much, weed control and insect control, chemical or manual, which chemicals are used and shaping of the trees, principles and guidelines.

Managing the work, maintenance and preparing for shipments in the season, own employees or outsourcing, working conditions, pay-levels and accommodation.

Programs in place for improvements and development in production methods, use of chemical weed control and focus on improved technical and technological solutions in maintenance?

Certified to an internationally recognized production Standard – or plans to become so?

Annex 2: Logistics

Is environmental optimization part of the planning of your road transportation, – and if so which are the main factors attended to?

Which role has the international ‘drive and rest’-regulation of road transport for environmental optimization?

Social responsibility in transport and logistics, – own lorries and employed drivers or outsourcing? If outsourcing does the contract have clauses safeguarding the drivers working conditions and salary package?

Are programs for improvements and development on the issues on environmental impact and social responsibility in place?

Are you certified to an internationally recognized Standard? – If not, are you contemplating a such kind of certification.